Friday, August 14, 2015

oh dot....

i told emily awhile ago that i would start blogging for her to keep a record of funny kid stuff....obviously that didn't happen.  so here we go attempted restart of the blog, but mostly just so we can eventually make another blog book and have something for our kids to read later and laugh at how ridiculous, cute, chubby, dumb, hilarious, loud, combative, and loving they were.

so....with that said, i feel like dot has got the short end of the blog stories, and no offense to our other kids, but she has so many damn funny stories that i just can't get enough.  i literally laugh just thinking about how crazy she is....not just funny crazy, kind of "bag lady" crazy sometimes.  but since i am so behind in my blogging, i am going to do a long, bullet point style "dot post".

"look, i'm anchovy"
  • jumpy jams / tick-tock jumpy jams - dot is excellent at making things up.  especially names of people, things, etc.  and since she is extremely stubborn (and suspicious), if you ask her what she is doing, she will HAVE to come up with a name for it.  hence the origination of jumpy jams.  she stands in our bed and jumps up and lands on her butt.  and for some reason, she decided that it was called jumpy lots of mornings she says, "want to see jumpy jams?"  sure dot....why not.  however, one day she randomly stood up and instead of jumping she fell face first into a pillow.  "what was that?" i asked.  dot replied, oh so confidently, "that is called tick-tock jumpy jams."  right.....whatever old lady.  
  • dot sleeping with us - considering i am on the topic of jumpy jams and dot sleeping and waking in our bed, it is a good segue into how much i love her sleeping / kicking / slapping / rolling next to me.  we have let all our kids sleep with us, and they have all been great, but there is something about dot's ridiculous personality that i love falling asleep with and waking up with.  she loves watching "previews" with me on the i-pad before bed (admittedly i might let her watch some stuff she shouldn't).  she loves watching alias (also which she shouldn't be allowed to watch), but she just calls it "sidney" (the main character's name).  so at night when she knows we are going to watch an episode, she sings, "it's....SIDNEY time!!!"  and she loves waking up and denying that she snuggled with me.  she stubbornly refuses to believe she ever snuggled with me and she ONLY snuggles with mom.  so i had emily take a picture of us one morning to prove to her that she does, in fact, snuggle with me at night.  she HATES being proven wrong....and actually still denies it happened because she is that stubborn (and almost rude....actually not almost, she is basically just rude).  dot has slept a handful of nights in her own bed, but i have to admit, i don't force her into her own bed, cause i kind of miss her.  i was actually kind of sad thinking about her having to pull a wendy and "leave the nursery / our bed".  even with her rude, stubborn ways, i love her sleeping next to me.  stupid growing....i hate it.....

    snuggling proof.

  • dot's stubborn ways - all kids are stubborn.  and burches maybe even more so (i.e. scrub and his jellyfish argument).  but dot takes it to an almost comical level.  just a couple days ago, i sang to martha, "roundy go, roundy go, goes the little mouse...1 step...2 the little house".  dot adamantly told me it ends, "all the way home....NOT in the little house".  i tried to tell her she was confusing it with "this little piggy"....i tried to explain how house and mouse rhyme....i tried to just tell her she is wrong.  she wasn't buying it.  as our argument was at an impasse, granddad came out to see us.  so....i thought it would be funny to have him continue the argument for me.  i told him her position (which she reiterated as well a few times).  then granddad took over.  he tried to reason with her.  he also tried the "but it doesn't rhyme!!!" argument to no avail.  finally, dot just looked seriously at granddad making some pretty solid, logical points and probably knew she was beat, so she said (while pressing on her fingers with her index finger like a little annoyed adult), "second of all.....i don't like your argument....and third of all.....i just don't like your argument".  granddad of course then tried to explain to her that you can't have a "second of all" without a "first of all", and you definitely can't have a "third of all" if it is the same as the "second of all".  as you can imagine, he wasn't too convincing to dot.  i seriously wish i could have recorded this discussion, because i was literally crying laughing at the intensity of this argument that was clearly going nowhere.  
  • dot's friends - dot has many friends.  i will quickly list them with their brief description on what we know of them.  keep in mind, these are all her own made up friends that "visit" us often.  and she has to constantly reprimand them / the air while they are over our house.  lots of talking to blank space with a stern look on her face while saying, "no....i said NO, WE CAN'T DO THAT RIGHT NOW".  remember, i said she was "bag lady" crazy sometimes.  
    • banna and emmy - usually banna and emmy stop by together.  from what i have gathered, banna is kind of a diva and has quite the attitude.  when asked why banna was so naughty dot replied, "because her mom taught her naughty manners."  like i said, this girl has an answer for everything.  but emmy is much nicer and seems to play well with everyone.  both banna and emmy have blue hair and their ears pierced.  that is about all i know of their invisible looks
    • joy vocada / alice beckett / sleeping beauty - all three of these "strong" women are serious america ninja warrior competitors.  not sure how sleeping beauty got in the mix, but apparently she has been training in the woods for the warped wall.  they take turns climbing couches, jumping from pillow to pillow, and completing the america ninja warrior course and then celebrating.  as far as looks, i only know that joy vocada has green hair and wears a blue dress.  i only know that because dot was given joy vocada recently during charades, and she actually looked at the kids and started describing her, "she had green hair....she wears a blue dress....."  as you can expect, they were thoroughly confused because she didn't understand that we don't have the "bag lady" visual of her america ninja warrior competitors.  they finally caught on when she added, "oh, and she's really good at america ninja warrior."  alice beckett, i believe, has "blondish hair and always wears a headband."  and, we all know what sleeping beauty looks like.
    • blobbly and plopply - i think they are movie stars or something.  i don't know.  she just references them occasionally
    • sally and manda - they are definitely movie stars.  in fact, they are best known for their acclaimed role in "turkey ham" (which happens to be the name of the movie that dot says they are in....and if you ask her to get "turkey ham" off the shelf, she will get "willow"....."willow" is "turkey ham" and vice versa in our family).  also, "turkey ham" is a musical with lots of dramatic songs.  but the main song is about 14 minutes long, and has one verse over and over.  it goes like this (picture dot singing very dramatically with lots of hand motions), "who am i....take my hand.....follow me......FOLLOW ME".  14 minutes.  easily 14 minutes.  it's really good.  and sally and manda are amazing in it.  in fact, if you have never seen "turkey ham", you are welcome to watch it on an invisible screen in dot's house (under a sheet on our bed).  oh, there is also a singing bear in the movie who has a big musical number, but i don't remember how that one went...

      just acting out a few choice scenes from the critically acclaimed "turkey ham"

    • i know she has more friends, but i just can't remember them all.  when we swim at gg and granddad's, she usually walks around by the steps hanging out with her friends.  but it looks like she is just talking to the lantern.  so i have joked with her about just talking to the lantern.  yesterday i asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she said, "no, but i will come and and just talk to that light for a little bit".
  • dot's words - i remember a post i did on lucy years ago about her made up words (gramote / remote).  dot has some pretty good ones too:
    • crash can - dot is always willing to help throw stuff away in the crash can
    • canuzzi - dot's word for the jacuzzi 
    • themchother - one of my favorites.  i think it means "each other" or maybe "one or the other", but i am actually not really sure.  i will try to use it in a sentence, but i am pretty sure you can use it however you want: "i asked anchovy to read a book, but he and bluey flash just want to play with themchother"
    • stinky snow globe - jack's nickname
    • bluey flash - lucy's nickname
    • anchovy - finn's nickname
    • todd - dot's self given nickname
    • zu-zu - martha's nickname
getting in some good cousin time in the canuzzi

the only nicknames that have really stuck are todd and anchovy....and hopefully emily will do a a "todd and anchovy" post next.  

ok, i think i should stop for now.  i might even get bored re-reading this at a later point in my life.  too long, i know....but when you get in the groove of blogging, you just need to get it all out for posterity's sake.  

hopefully i can add a few more stories on a more regular basis so i don't need to write a thesis once a year.

crazy bag lady.


M Weisse said...

I was quite happy to see a burch jerk update this morning. Congrats on not being at the bottom of my blog list anymore! Keep em coming, Pete. I love that crazy girl, Dot. Also, if you don't keep the blog up, Martha will feel super left out.

ErinT said...

Hooray for the return of the Burchjerks! That was a wonderful thesis-style outpouring. Just what I needed after the drought. Keep it coming! Dot should provide you with ample blog-worthy material. I have no doubt.

Alissa said...

Thank goodness for a Burch Jerks reboot. I thought you were never coming back. But I have an embarrassing question- for all your East Coast (or other lamentably distant) readers: Who is Martha?

Alissa said...

Ok, nevermind. Yay for more Burches! Congratulations!