Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on why that post-nap time of day is one of my favorites.

the first reason is obvious.  post-nap would imply that a nap was actually taken and that right there is a good enough reason to make it one of my favorites.
however, i really love post-nap time because it is one of the only times my usually active little baby will let me snuggle her and just be still.  she is happy, but still a little sleepy and usually a little goofy. 
she has taken to sleeping with her bunny annabelle these days, which is super adorable, so i guess i will add that to my list of reasons, too - listening to her wake up and talk to her stuffed bunny.  "hi, annabelle!"

dot insisted that annabelle needed to be held up, so she could see harry bunny out the window...

there you have it.  post-nap deliciousness. 


Mary said...

I cannot even handle how beautiful she is!

M Weisse said...

These pictures all all just so precious. I want to snuggle her, too.