Monday, August 12, 2013

once upon a wednesday...

last wednesday we tried to go to smeeks at 9:30 in the morning and i realized it might not open until 10:00, so we looked online and i was right. we decided to go to half price books to wait and to try and get the first harry potter book for a friend for her bday because they always have tons of copies of it there and, of course, they didn't have a single copy of it. so, back to smeeks. 
it was a couple minutes before 10:00, so i got a coffee and we sat to wait. then, obviously, everyone had to go to the bathroom.  we picked everyone/everything up and headed out to find the bathroom. 15 minutes later, the store is still not open. i asked the girl at the coffee shop and she informed me some of the stores don't open until 11:00 in the summer. much to lucy's disappointment, i was not going to wait.
on our way to the car, finn is trailing behind (shocking, i know) and a possibly homeless "hippie" (as jack called him) offers finn a deflated beach ball with instructions to not blow it up until he gets home.
great. a dirty old beach ball that someone has already had their mouth on. so, i had to have the talk with finn once again to not take things from strangers. especially dirty strangers who pull old deflated beach balls out of their grubby, patchouli-scented back packs.  and i had to remind myself why i shouldn't let finn trail behind, so next time i can say, "no thank you!" quickly, before finn has said beach ball in his hand with a big smile on his face and a "cool! thanks!" to the gift-giving, alleged hippie. (seriously, why is the word "hippie" in jack's vocabulary?). 
on the bright side, he did remember to say thank you for once, so there's that. 
jack and lucy, however are not concerned about the germ issue that i am freaking out about, but are convinced that this stranger has actually poisoned the ball in someway. "mom, don't you think it's kind of a coincidence that he just appeared out of no where with a beach ball and waited for all of us to pass by before he offered it to finn? AND then he said, 'don't blow it up UNTIL YOU GET HOME!' mom, he didn't want us to get poisoned right there in front of him!" ok, jack, i think you have been reading too many mystery/sci-fi/adventure books...  lucy, of course, immediately bought into this, "seriously, mom, why would he say to wait until we get home?! it really could be poisoned!!"  great. 
well, smeeks wasn't happening, so we were on to target to get a bday present. we disposed of the beach ball, much to finn's disappointment I might add, and were planning to go straight to the lego aisle, grab what jack knew he already wanted to get and head home to put our poor little tired baby down for a nap. lego aisle? where is the lego aisle? oh, they are restocking and moving all the shelves in the toy section, so they've boxed everything up and it won't be back on the shelves for a couple hours. 
of course. because the middle of the day is the perfect time for a store to do this. forget the after hours or early in the morning. clearly, i should have seen this coming. 
why would a quick trip to old reliable target work out. 
silly, me. 

the moral of the story. just stay home. 


M Weisse said...

This whole story cracked me up, but especially Jack and Lucy's concern about the poisonous ball. At least reading does give you very active imaginations. Also, the hippie totally picked the right kid to offer it to. I think he was waiting for you. As for the Target Lego aisle I was just looking today and I can't help but want all the Lone Ranger ones. They are way cool.

becca said...

But what if the hippie gave him a magical beach ball to heal the world and when you blow it up, love instantly fills the planet and all is good and right? What if that happened?! Hippies may stink, but I still love them.

Great story.