Thursday, April 18, 2013


the last few weeks, dot has gotten herself into a routine of taking a short little nap 
right when finn gets home from school.  (not so this week, but that's another story...)
in finn's world, this is perfect.
he gets to squeeze her and love on her for a little bit and then he gets his mom all to himself.
so lots of parcheesi has been being played.
i love it.
this game reminds me of playing with my mom and my grandmother, mame. 
a little nostalgia mixed with some mr. finn and life is good.


Kersey Campbell said...

Just wondering, is this board a newer version, or is it a vintage board? I love the colors! Thanks!

jack, lucy, finn and dot said...

the board is super old. it was from my grandmother's house when i was a little girl. sometimes i worry that we should frame it instead of playing on it... i think she would rather we play with it, though. start shopping garage sales and goodwill! best of luck!