Monday, March 25, 2013

time is not on my side.

 like every other parent ever on the face of the planet, 
i lament the passing of time.
when did my kids get so old?  how did they get so old?
my oldest just turned ten and my baby is only 2.5 months shy of 1 year.
it's just not fair.  not any of it.
oh, but these kids.
i enjoy each and every day i get to spend with them.
what would i do without any one of them?
damn, i'm lucky.


Kathleen said...

Great photos! Lovely family!

Leah Moss said...

yes! I totally agree. Time shmime. My kids seem huge ot me this week. And the seasons are like a giant bllurrrr.

Beautiful photos of your beautiful fam!!