Wednesday, February 13, 2013

getting wet

ok, last post about the rain and how much i love it.
dot was fascinated and i think would've sat here all day if i had let her.
but, then she started trying to eat soggy leaves (soggy, crunchy, leaves are apparently delicious in every form when you are 8 months old), so i brought her in to watch through the window.

p.s.  sorry for all the rain love and obsession with my little baby.
perhaps i should write thoughtful commentaries on the state of the union or the pope stepping down.
or, crafty posts on homemade valentines and baking.
or, something useful about how to prep dinner and get in a workout while your baby naps.
but, i don't do those things, so i won't be posting anything about them.
i could tell you all about the exciting soccer match between manchester united and real madrid though...
but you probably don't care about that either...
oh, well.  it's my blog and rain and babies and my crazy kids are what it's full of.

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Bird Feed said...

I love that last picture of your girls!! Beautiful shot!