Friday, January 25, 2013

ladies, get in line...

the other day, out of nowhere, finn said to me, "mom, when i grow up and get married, i'm going to make dinner every single night instead of my wife."  
how sweet.  
was this because he saw my joy in cooking and wanted to copy it?  perhaps, it was because he saw my lack of joy and wanted to be helpful to his wife someday...  either way, what a sweet boy to want to be the man of the house making dinner every night.

"and i'm going to make mac and cheese.  every. single. night."
i guess it had nothing to do with me, except that i won't make him kraft mac n cheese...
so, if there is a lucky girl out there who loves mac n cheese just as much as this guy, in 30 years, he's your man.


Michelle said...

It's good to have a man who can cook. Even if it's just mac n cheese.

The Bird Family said...

I know two little girls who just might have found their dream man.