Thursday, January 24, 2013

already being asked out to play

who me?
on mlk day my kids had school.  the whole neighborhood was running around in the street playing and enjoying the beautiful weather and they were at school.  oh, well.  they were none the wiser.
several kids knocked on the door to see if my kiddos were around to play.  i sent away many a sad and dejected door knocker.  as if the courage they got up to knock on our door was for nothing.
at one point the little boy across the street (who cracks me up on a daily basis, i might add) came to see if lucy or finn were available to play (and, yes, he always asks if they are "available").  i told him, sorry but all my kids were at school.  "all of your kids?" he asked, "even dot?"  "well, no, she's here. did you want to play with her," i asked jokingly.  "oh, yes," he quickly responded, "if you just want to bring her outside on a blanket with some toys, i would love to play with her."  unfortunately she was actually napping, i had to explain, since i did not actually think he was interested in playing with her.  who knew?
funny stuff.


brooke said...

All your kids???? That's so cute. Just bring her out on a blanket!! Adorable. Living in the middle of no where I have never had a trick or treat-er or a spontaneous playdate knock on my door. It sounds pretty funny. I love conversations with kids. Which I hope to have with your kids this summer :)

Alissa said...

No surprise that Dot is popular already!. I want a playdate with her!

mamamchale said...

that is the best. love that kid.