Thursday, January 3, 2013

a month later...

 so, last month i took some 6 month pictures of little miss dot.
i was sure i would get them posted.
i didn't.
and, now she is 7 months old.
what a slacker i am.
so, for those interested, here is what dot looked like one month ago.  

she still loves her little tongue...

so, let's go thru the checklist...
she is still super tiny.  not doctor's-are-worried tiny, but tiny.
she scoots/army crawls all around the house.
she gets up on hands and knees and crawls just once before deciding the army crawl is way more efficient.*  (she is kind of an efficiency expert).
she sits.
she tries to pull herself up on everything and is decently successful, much to the disappointment of the rest of us.  it seems nothing is out of her reach these days.
she nurses in quick little snacks.  no more than 5 minutes all day long, whenever she feels like it.  super efficient.
she hardly sleeps.  short little naps, twice a day if we are lucky. clearly, she doesn't want to miss a minute of the excitement this family has to offer.  no being lazy for this little lady.  she is literally (said like chris traeger) a little ball of energy.  buddy the elf.  i'm not kidding. 
oh, and she just got 2 front teeth...
(by "just" i mean 1 month ago)

when dot is really happy she gives huge mouth-opened smiles. (see fig.1)
sometimes i don't think it is physically possible for her to open her mouth any wider. (see fig.2)
then she does. (see fig.3) 

and, i have to mention her baby.
she has this silly little baby doll that she got from her great grandma sherrick and it is her favorite thing in the world. (after me, of course)
she carries it around with her.  drags it around while she crawls (either in her hand or her mouth).  likes to suck on it's pigtails.  and will attempt to dive out of your arms if you walk by it on the floor while holding her.  and thanks to the dragging on the floor/sucking on it, it resembles a doggy chew toy.  it gets washed every couple days and really only looks halfway decent for the first hour out of the dryer.

and, of course, she likes to babble/talk/yell at us all the time...

i think she thinks she is in charge around here. 

*based on last month, i kind of thought she might be crawling by now, but she is still a fan of the army crawl.  she gets up on her hands and knees and then sits herself up and is so pleased with herself she just stays there.  fine by me.  i am all for her slowing down a bit.


Alissa said...

Those pictures with her mouth opening wider and wider are incredible- I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the last one.

Alissa said...

PS Parks and Recreation cannot come back on soon enough.

brooke said...

She is so pretty! I am totally instagram stalking you. I love her pics.

allison speier said...

Great post! That is one sweet baby you have there...I wish she would stop growing up so fast!