Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lent - Pete post

So I figured since Emily was supposedly "back" and then quickly gone again, I would take over for a simple post. I will list our Lenten sacrifices, and then at the end of Lent I will give us grades / critiques / praises / awards. I know awards for Lent seems to be completely contrary to the Ash Wednesday reading of the Pharisees, but just assume there will be many more critiques than it is ok.

Jack - gave up sweets and he is going to work harder on doing chores without being asked. He is also praying a decade of the rosary for someone each night (hopefully one of them is for me since i am going to ruthlessly critique his genuinely sweet Lenten sacrifices). We will see how he does with my grade at the end, but let's just say he already asked when we could go to confession because he and Emily "forgot" and had Christine's dessert of super soft cookies and ice cream over the weekend. In his defense, when we were young, we were allowed Sundays off, but Emily is super strict, so she won't allow that....but she will allow conveniently "forgetting"....which leads me to....

Emily - also gave up sweets and is going to work on not sleeping in (which is virtually impossible when hot pad Finn sneaks into our bed like a silent ninja every night and snuggles up next to you). She just got mad at me because she saw what I was writing about, and she did not like the idea of "praising ourselves for Lenten sacrifices" me, she does not deserve praise. Assuming I grant her some pregnancy lenience with "forgetting" about the cookies and ice cream, there is no excuse for sharing my milk duds. A couple mornings ago, Lucy woke up and saw an empty box of milk duds on the coffee table and said to me, "what!! You ate all those by yourself??" She had bought them for me because she knows they are my favorite (what a sweetheart), but she was horrified that I went through them all in one night. I quickly shifted the blame and said, "it wasn't all had some". Jack popped around the corner and said, "WHAT!!! SHE GAVE UP SWEETS!!!". Busted. And this time it was personal, because I gladly would have hoarded the whole box and not shared them with her.....but I shared them like a loving husband, not realizing that I was enabling her sinful ways.

Lucy - gave up cookies and ice cream (and no, she wasn't feeling good at Christine's house, so she wasn't even tempted). So far (I imply that this is an accomplishment even though we are only 1 week into Lent), she has been the only angel. At IKEA with GG and Emily, GG told her she would buy her an ice cream cone at the end, to which Goose replied, "oh no, I can not have that....I gave it up for Lent". she also said she would work on "not wineing to my mom and dad and I will pray a deckade of the rosary for Baabee". And I have the spelling because she wrote it on an index card. I have a feeling her grade will primarily be determined by her "wineing" and not as much on her cookies and milk sacrifice.

Finn - he gave up chocolate milk and he is going to work on not picking his nose (which for the record, would be like giving up blinking for me....not possible). In the car the other day, jack said, "wait, I gave up ALL sweets and Finn only gave up chocolate milk". To which, Emily responded, "but jack, Finn drinks chocolate milk almost every day, so it is a big sacrifice for him". And Finn followed that up with, "yeah, and I pick my nose EVERY ALL the time, so that one is really hard too". Booyah. Apparently it is equally impossible for Finn. And although I have not caught him yet, I am sure he is failing when he is driving to work and there are no Kleenex in the car. Let's just say his grade will be based on my own speculation, which will be dead on accurate.

Me - I gave up alcohol, except for when Pestritto is in town and on St. Patricks Day (my dad taught me the art of "exceptionally giving stuff up", which means giving up things with convenient least I "forget" in advance instead of the next day). And I am going to work on not sleeping in (by the way, I said I would work on this first and Emily just copied me....she is so unoriginal - I suggested that she should work on "coming up with her own ideas", but she decided she was ok in that category.....she was wrong). We will see how my grade goes, but I will admit my ability to wake up without hitting the snooze button 4 times is almost impossible (again, Finn's fault for being way too cozy). My grade will most likely be below average, but with plenty of caveats on why it is actually someone else's fault (but don't worry, I will throw in a compliment to avoid Finn being cozy as my excuse for sleeping in....or Emily making such a great dinner that I must have a glass of wine with it....or Hazelwoods being such a great place that I must have a beer with Luke....or milk duds being so delicious that I must have a glass of scotch with them to bring out their delicious caramel flavor). I guess I can always resort to eating more milk duds instead of alcohol, which is funny, because it only tempts Emily, and she can't do it back to me with alcohol because she is pregnant and hates scotch......I truly am a loving husband.

Ok, that is about it for now. I am sure our three readers are eagerly awaiting the post-Lenten post

leap day

"nothing you do on leap day counts!  real life is for march!"

this episode of 30 rock made me laugh excessively.
if i had been more well prepared, i would have done something fun for leap day.
instead i was in court being questioned on the witness stand...
long story.
anyway, i will just have to start planning for 2016...