Saturday, December 15, 2012

life lately with my gaggle of kids...

life has been busy.
  how can life not be busy with four kids, sports, school, church, family time and everything in between.  but it's been good.  good busy.
last month i took all of my kids to lux one morning and as they all went through the door, the gentleman waiting to come out said, "wow, you have a whole gaggle of kids."  he said it with a smile on his face and obviously meant it to be funny, so i just smiled back and said, "yup, they sure are fun."  sometimes i find it humorous how people react to a family with four kids.  when i was growing up we had four kids and i never felt like we had a big family.  we went to school with families of 6, 7 and 8 kids.  in high school we knew several families with 10.  to me four was nothing.  i wonder if my parents got comments about having a lot of kids and we just never noticed.  
oh, well.  i must say, i love having four kids.  i highly recommend it.
now, before you read on, i am going to go ahead and say that i really want to get back to blogging for my kids' sake.  so they have some sort of written journal of the goings on in their lives.  with that said, this post has the potential to come off as an annoying, bragging holiday letter about how wonderful and perfect our family is.  we're not.  my kids' have currently been so completely on my last nerve with all their bickering and not listening to me, that i have actually considered that there be no presents for any of them on christmas morning.  but that's life with kids, right?  at the end of the day when you sit down to think about them, you see what great kids they really are and all the wonderful things about them.  and aren't those the things we should focus on?  i think so.  
so, what have we been up to...

jack played flag football again this fall with the same team he has played with the last two years.  he loves it.  he really just loves all sports, but since football is the sport of the moment, it is probably his current favorite.  he is ridiculously into soccer right now as well, as pete mentioned.  wanting to watch manchester united games on tv and asking for a balotelli jersey for christmas.  jack also still has an extreme love of reading.  he is currently making his way through the ranger's apprentice series, recently finished island of the blue dolphins and sign of the beaver, and pete just let him start the fellowship of the ring, which should keep him busy for a while.  he read the hobbit last year and is currently completely geeking out over the upcoming movie.  and since he caught me in a moment of weakness last spring and i promised he could see the hobbit when it hit theaters this december, it will be his first pg-13 movie.  big deal here, folks.  so, school, sports, reading, playing indoor tackle football with finn (more on that later...) and being a huge help all the time with miss dot (he comes in from school and scoops her right out of my arms), that seems to nicely wrap up jack's life at the moment.  

lucy is keeping us laughing as usual.  she is always dressing up, dancing around the house and playing silly games.  she loves putting hard-to-find or random items on her christmas lists.  the last three years were a typewriter, a golden key and a record player.  this year it's a hand held telescope for adventures. she is currently playing tennis, which she seems to love, which is good because its hard to find a sport this miss isn't too embarrassed to try.  she has finally discovered her own love for reading.  it started with the magic tree house books (which she somehow is already too cool for) and completely exploded when she read the invention of hugo cabret.  she couldn't put it down.  shoot, i just remembered i was going to get her a reading light for christmas...  anyway, she also is our kid who completely, 100% adores her school.  they all like school fine, but lucy loves it.  she loves her teacher and loves her friends and hates being late (pete can elaborate on that if he wants).  when asked recently for a school video what her favorite thing about her school is, she said going to the chapel at lunch to pray while its quiet.  she can be a complete goofball sometimes, but has a sweetness to her that i just adore.  she is our little sue heck.  (super random reference to the show the middle).

mr. finn is currently playing soccer, but really his world is all about football.  he is always looking for someone to play with him, spends hours by himself tossing the football in the air and making dramatic diving catches, collects football cards and sleeps with his football like a teddy bear.  it's bad, folks.  a full-blown obsession.  he is currently missing his two front teeth thanks to an indoor game of tackle football with his brother.  instead of dropping the ball and catching himself with his hands, he held tight to the ball and went down, face to the hard wood.  the teeth were knocked straight out.  as in, we had to look around on the floor to find them.  needless to say, there was lots of blood.  since it has been so long since i blogged, i should also mention that finn started kindergarten this year.  so between school, soccer and spending any and all spare time in some football related activity, finn is a pretty busy dude.  he really likes school.  he has one of the sweetest teachers on the planet and his buddy zach is in his class, so life is good.  the only downfall is having to have his haircut.  as you may know, we let mr. finn's hair get quite unruly on many an occasion last year.  when we informed him he was in need of a haircut, he said, "noooo!  i like this pile of hair on my head!"  

then there is our little, teeny, tiny miss dot.  she really is such a little peanut it makes me laugh every time i look at her.  i took some 6 month pictures of her and had every intention of posting them, but kind of missed the boat.  i will try and post them soon, but here's a little 6 month update, nonetheless.  dot is a complete maniac.  she is a ball of extreme energy.  she is kind of like buddy the elf - she needs little sleep, has tons of energy and is, for the most part, very happy.  and like a real elf, she is tiny.  did i mention how little she is?  anyway, yesterday she was up for more than 12 hours with a whopping 20 minute nap.  i'm not kidding.  luckily she is so cute, so i don't mind that most of my time is spent trying to get all the things i could do while she should be sleeping, done with her in my arms or close at hand.  she has been scooting around for a couple months now, but is just starting to get up on her hands and knees.  she babbles constantly and loves her brothers and sister.  she has earned the unfortunate nickname of "car pooper" since her car seat seems to be her favorite place to soil her diaper.  probably 3 out of 5 days a week, the kids get in the car from school to inform me, "mom!  it stinks back here! can you pull over and change dot's diaper?"  fun times with a baby and older kids.  and you can mark another tally for poop references on our blog...

and lots of days, especially like the last few when she hasn't felt very well, she just wants to be held.  and that is totally ok by me.  when i look at my other three kids and see how fast it all goes, i can't find fault in the sleepless nights or the times that seem hard or even on the fussiest of days.  
good and bad, i'll take it all.  this is my life and i wouldn't trade it for anything.
i certainly feel blessed.