Monday, November 12, 2012

pete post - kids quotes and one question

since emily has apparently abandoned this poor blog, i figured i would take over - and maybe on a more regular basis.  but i will need to figure out the picture portion since i know it is depressing when you go to a new blog post and just see words (especially when they are my words).  it is like opening your email and seeing 15 new emails, only to find out that 14 of them are spam and one is an error telling you that an email you sent yesterday was kicked back because you are a moron and wrote @yahho instead of @yahoo.  in any event, here is your spam blog post of the day.

favorite kid comments recently:

emily: i hope our grass comes in nice this year (referring to winter grass)
finn: i hope solo too.

apparently finn still has some summer olympic memories stored up.  either that, or jack has brainwashed him enough to be obsessed with soccer.  on a side note, jack and finn are apparently die hard manchester city fans.  they want to record the games.....they know the players.....they understand the rules....even extra time which makes no sense.....what the hell happened.

here is another one - after talking about grandma sherrick as we headed to my parent's house for her birthday dinner, somehow it was mentioned that her real name was martha, to which jack asked, "is that short for marthias?" yes jack.  because martha is a much shorter version of the commonly used name marthias.  i might start calling grandma sherrick marthias.  it would be out of know, using her God given name.

lucy recently asked, "what does unique mean?".  i gave her the definition in the best 2nd grade terms that i could, and then i provided some examples, such as "finn is unique because he has the chubbiest cheeks....or dot is unique because she is so darn cute....or lucy is unique because she somehow can walk even though she is so darn skinny".  and then i said, "and mom is unique..." and jack chimed in, "because she doesn't pooter".  and lucy said, "and dad is unique because he pooters a lot!" and finn appropriately added, "and it stinks".  i was just glad jack chimed in, because who knows where i was going with that one....

i overheard a discussion between lucy and finn recently in which finn confusedly asked, "what is beautiful about pilgrims' feet?!?!?!"  thank you vdm for not only singing America the Beautiful every morning, but also for singing every verse.  don't worry, i told finn the answer - "because pilgrims' feet are hairy, but the hair is always nicely parted to the side on the boys feet and braided into pigtails on the girls feet."

and finally, if anyone is still reading this blog, i am looking for some suggestions.  emily wants to write a family mission statement (something she has been reading about in some silly mom books).  so we are doing that tomorrow night with the kids.  however, i am reading a much more manly book called pride and prejudice (yes, i have read it before, but it is one of those books that i am basically always reading when i don't have a better book to read).....and i was thinking, "why don't houses have cool names any more, like longbourne and netherfield?"  so i told emily we could only write a mission statement if we also named our house.  so instead of saying, "i am going home" i would say, "i am headed back to pemberley".  and so i am asking for suggestions.  if you would be so kind as to leave a suggestion in the comment section, they will all be considered.....and then promptly discarded until i come up with something better (but i would like your suggestions nonetheless).

have a nice evening.