Tuesday, September 18, 2012

instagram: san francisco edition

as most of you know when jack was five we started this little tradition of giving our kids a trip somewhere with just one parent as a birthday present.
(this tradition may have had something to do with the year jack turned five being the last year the yankees played in yankee stadium...  but, i'm not saying for sure...).
jack went to new york to see the yankees and the statue of liberty, then lucy went to new york because she loved hearing about jack's trip so much (and maybe cuz i really wanted to go to new york...).
when it came time to plan finn's trip, pete decided to mix it up a bit.  he looked in to when the dbacks were playing the giants, as finn is our dedicated dbacks fan (none of that yankee nonsense).  they just happened to be playing over labor day weekend and they just happened to be having star wars day at at&t park that monday.  seemed it was meant to be.
and, to further my gushing love of instagram, we got to follow them along on their whole trip...

perhaps pete can post a bit more detailed account of this fantastic trip that left finn not wanting to come home...

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