Wednesday, September 5, 2012

in which i take dot out dressed in blue and everyone thinks she's a boy

see how sad dot is that no one thinks she's a girl.
(oh, and i apologize for the long title, but i have recently discovered how much i enjoy lengthy titles.
or maybe i have just been reading too many kids' chapter books lately.  anyway....)
yesterday i took dot out dressed in her cute little blue usa gymnastics shirt and people kept stopping us
 to say, "oh, isn't he so cute.  what's his name?"
let me first say, this actually doesn't bother me at all.  
it's usually the person who made the assumption that ends up apologizing and feeling terrible,
 as if they've insulted me somehow.
so, i would suggest to just play it safe, folks.
"and what's this cute baby's name?" should get you the answer you are looking for.
i realize the name could be frances/francis or erin/aaron or carrie/cary, but odds are you will get a gender specific name and then you are good to go.
i won't be changing dot's wardrobe to include more pink and bows and girly-ness just so people can tell she's a girl.
we think she looks super cute in blue...

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Kathleen said...

Both of my girls had no hair, not one strand, till probably 18 months! And I just can't handle those bow bands. So they were often confused for a "sonny" or "young fellow."