Thursday, September 20, 2012

in the evening

every now and then it just happens that homework is done, dinner is on the table on time, showers and baths are taken, kids are in jammies with teeth brushed and it's not quite bed time.  every now and then. ok, maybe twice.  but it has happened.  and the other night was one such night.  lucy (who is our newest reading addict) asked if dot could sit in bed and read with her.  and dot actually sat quite nicely for some time listening to lucy read.  the boys (shirts optional in our house) sat together playing fifa on pete's ipad and cheering each other on.  even when finn scored on his own goal, jack didn't make him feel (too) bad about it.  it is on such nights that i look around and realize just how blessed i am and how much i love this little family that i have been given.  

*post edit: just for the record, most nights are a crazy mad dash to finish dinner and homework and throw kids into the shower.  i am usually breaking up wrestling and the throwing of footballs indoors.  teeth brushing always turns into some ridiculous scene of giggles and laughing that ends with toothpaste on the wall or someone's toothbrush dropped in the toilet.  all the while, trying to nurse my baby or generally keep her happy.  if i could stop and take pictures of the madness that is my normal life, i would love to for posterity.  however, it is only in the quiet, peaceful moments that i have that extra couple seconds to grab my phone and photograph my kids being still for a few minutes.  and so our blog looks like life is a hunky-dory picture of perfectness.  it's not.  it's good.  but it's crazy and far from perfect.


Zach Weisse said...

Which, to my mind, makes it all the more perfect.

Mary Weisse said...

I like the word hunky-dory.