Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a whole different dynamic

i am always fascinated by the different dynamics that are created by taking one kid out of the mix.  pete and finn left for san francisco on saturday and all weekend jack and lucy were the best of friends.  no fighting, no arguing, no complaining.  they felt like it was their own special weekend to just play games and watch movies and have fun together.  and that's exactly what they did.  we went to the library, played games at the apple store followed by yogurt at mojo, and even got treated out to breakfast one morning, so it was definitely an extra "fun" weekend by our usual standards. however, the rest of the time we were just relaxing at home and they made up games, went swimming and had so much fun together.  
i think my one wish is that my kids can always be such good friends.
and, of course, dot just went along for the ride all weekend like the agreeable little baby she seems to be.

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