Monday, September 17, 2012

a family sort of weekend (with lots of pizza)

my sister erin was in town this weekend.  she got in thursday night and stopped by to hug the kids before they went to sleep.  they were already in their beds and when she got there the boys burst into a fit of giggles in their deliriousness and excitement to see her.  she is quite popular around our house.  on friday i met erin, gene, mary, jimmy and gus at lux (delicious) and that afternoon we took the kids to get gelato (more delicious) as an after-school treat.  that night baabee watched all the kids so we could go out to pizzeria bianco (most delicious) for dinner.  there is a good chance i gained several pounds in that one day alone. nothing like having family in town as an excuse to excessive eating.  oh, and the next night we ate more pizza from spinnatos.  mmm.  a delicious weekend, indeed.

and a picture of dot, just for good measure as she was so very willing to be dragged all over this weekend in her car seat... 

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