Wednesday, August 1, 2012

and, just like that, two months

i really can't believe my little dot is two months already.
and she really is quite little.
a little baby with a little name.
i took her for her two month check-up and while she is in the 98% for height, she is only in the 50% for weight.  for a baby who started at 8 lbs. 14 oz. that's pretty wimpy.  i think her length makes her look especially skinny, since that 50% weight needs to be distributed over a 98% body.  and it doesn't help that she carries most of her weight in her cheeks and chin...

next time i will be sure to get a picture of her little chicken legs.
then you'll see what i'm talking about.
it's so funny to me how different each baby can be.
my boys were both big chunks that could nurse all day.  my girls were/are little peanuts that prefer the "snacking" method of nursing.  none of that passed-out-drunk-on-milk delirium for them.  they would rather have a little snack and then intently stare at the world and take it all in.
it will be oh, so interesting to see what kind of little personality she takes on...

she sure is a happy baby, though.

as much as i love her smiles, this is one of my favorite faces...

she almost always has that little bottom lip sucked in.
there is just something about it.
it kills me with it's cuteness.

i love the way she still always has that little right fist by her head...

that is right where it was in her ultrasound pictures and she was born with it right there as she came into the world.  i guess after nine months of having your arm squished that way, it would be a difficult habit to break.
honestly, though, this is what she looks like most of the time...

she is one wide-eyed serious lady.
however, since blogs are the place to brag about how brilliant our children are, i should now tell you how extremely advanced dot is.  she is kind of like a baby genius.
lucy recently taught her how to wink...

so there's that.
also, jack has been working with her on her math skills.
see, she already knows what 2 plus 3 equals...

be sure to check back when dot turns 3 months.
she will probably be reading crime and punishment...
or, at least, hop on pop.
seriously, people.  super advanced.

and, although this last picture is not that great, i really love it.
that little skinny lipped smile is how dot looks first thing every morning when she wakes up.
it melts my heart.
we love our tiny, sweet, happy little baby.


The Kinkel Family said...

She is beautiful. My baby fever is out of control! Enjoy :)

Sara said...

Oh, I miss her so much! She is so tiny and all these pictures. Kisses from Aunt Sara!

The Bird Family said...

So much cuteness in one post! Maybe it's better if I don't come. Seriously. I might steal her.

Mary Weisse said...

The wink is the BEST!!! And the one with the dimple is pretty fantastic as well.

Melanie said...

Ahhh, so sweet. That winking photo is the greatest.

Beck always sucks his bottom lip under too. Sometimes when it pops out I'm amazed at how full it really is.