Thursday, June 21, 2012

the first couple days

this little lady certainly came home to a whole lot of love and attention.
lucy comes in our room first thing every single morning desperate to hold her little sister.
"hello, little cutie," she says to dot as she bounces her in her arms.
finn smiles and stares at her and occasionally says, "she's just too cute, i just have to kiss her!"
and, of course, jack loves her like crazy.  he worries about her, is concerned when she fusses or when someone stops by to meet our little dot and doesn't hold her quite right.  the first day we brought her home, lucy went off with g.g. and finn went to play at jimmy's, but jack insisted on staying close.  he didn't want to leave dot, he said.
the transition to four kids has been just lovely.  to watch how much they adore her and want to help with her.  lucy is our resident diaper changer (pee only, she will tell you) and was more than a little upset that there would be no bottles to feed her.  they all hold dot, bounce her, shush her and generally stare at her lovingly.  
and, of course, pete and i have wasted many an evening staring at her ourselves.
dot, what did we ever do without you?

dot already has lots of people who love her and came to meet her in those first few days...

cowboys, of course, don't smile.  even when holding babies...

they will, however, take the time to nicely shush a baby...

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