Thursday, March 15, 2012

the giving tree

several months ago i walked into the living room and lucy and finn were very sweetly snuggled on the couch together.  lucy was carefully reading the giving tree and finn was listening intently.  i decided to leave them be to enjoy their sweet moment.  just a few minutes later, finn came walking into the kitchen with huge tears streaming down his cheeks.  there had been no screaming, no fighting, i couldn't imagine how he could have been hurt, so i was somewhat confused.  "what's the matter?" i asked him.  "i...i...i... don't... like... that book!" he sobbed.  "what?  why not?"  (because i thought everyone loved the giving tree...).  finn tried to suck in the drool and fight through the tears to explain to me that, "it's too sad!  the boy just gets old and then he can't do anything!  he can't climb the tree or pick apples!  he's so old and he just sits there!"  poor finn.  to this day, he doesn't even like seeing that book lying around the house, it upsets him so much.  

then, my sister mary found this picture...

well, finn, at least tracy morgan can relate.

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