Thursday, January 5, 2012

ten years

pete and i have been married for ten years today.
crazy to think everyone was ok with letting these two little kids get married.
or at least nice enough to keep their mouths shut or whisper about it behind our backs...
life is good.  very, very good, indeed.
i love you, pete.

i also came across this picture of pete and i in high school.
i think we were 16.
since we met when we were 15, 
i now have known pete longer than i have not known him.
if that makes sense. 
anyway, yes, i had braces. 
and, yes, i have lots of "i am very self-concious about my braces and
 therefore, smile awkwardly with my mouth closed" photos from high school.
i also noticed how very pale i look in this picture.  
apparently, i knew being paste-y white and sickly looking was cool long before twilight...


Mary Weisse said...

Yay!!! You guys do look kind of like teenagers getting married, but you didn't seem like it to me at the time. It was a super fun day that I will always remember.

Alissa said...

Happy day!

becca said...

You guys were tiny babies, we all thought you were crazy, and that it was exactly perfect!