Thursday, January 19, 2012

old sweatshirts and embarrassing your kids

last week i went on a field trip with jack's class to the science center.
the morning of, i was getting lunches together and breakfast made while sporting my always stylish morning attire of pajama pants and one of pete's old baggy sweatshirts.
as i was finishing things up, jack walked up next to me and asked, "you are coming on our field trip today, right?"  "of course," i responded, not seeing where this was going.  he gently tugged at the elbow of my sweatshirt and in a very concerned, but sweet voice, asked, "you're not wearing this are you?"
oh, my.  
and so it has happened.  i have entered the days of my appearance mattering to my kids.  
part of me wanted to show up for the field trip still wearing at least the baggy sweatshirt...

*pictures are totally unrelated to the field trip.  just a few random snapshots from a family walk one weekend.

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