Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dissecting nursery rhymes

my kids (as all kids do) often bring up the most random topics of conversation.  they seem to be out of nowhere, but i am sure they follow some little train of thought in their own heads that i would love to be privy to.  yesterday morning finn and i went on a walk down to "the big trees" because he was hoping the mini canal that runs by it would be empty and maybe i would let him climb down in it (it was and i did).  on our way there we were talking about going to the grocery store when suddenly he started telling me about how two nights before he had a dream that he was in a boxing class with george and they had a boxing uniform that was blue shorts and a red shirt and they had boxing gloves and were practicing punching...  the story went on for a few minutes, then jumped right into the question, "in that one song, what does it mean when they say, 'pop goes the weasel'?"  uh?  weren't we just talking about boxing?  "you mean the song 'all around the mulberry bush?" i asked.  "ya.  does it mean that the weasel caught the monkey or, like, ate him or something?"  what?!  "i think it just means that he hid from the monkey who was chasing him and then popped out of the bush to scare the monkey as a joke."  are we seriously talking about this?  "no, mom.  it says, 'the monkey thought it was all in good fun,' so then when they say pop goes the weasel that means its something that's not fun."  are we really trying to dig to the deeper meaning of this?  i tried my last time.  "i think it just means that maybe the weasel wasn't having fun being chased, which the monkey thought was fun, so the weasel decided to have fun too by hiding from the monkey and then popping out and saying boo and i bet they both laughed and then they both had fun."  *sigh*  "no, mom."  clearly, i just wasn't getting it.  
i don't know if i was a stupid kid, but i certainly don't remember taking things for more than face value as a kid.  especially at 4.  or even 10.  a song was just a series of words strung together to a catchy tune that you can sing along to.  who cares what the words mean.  or in the movie seven brides for seven brothers you are just supposed to accept that it is ok for seven brothers from the back woods to sneak into town and kidnap women from their homes at night to take back to their secluded cabin and marry.  you are not supposed to question this as strange or bad.  apparently my kids didn't get that memo either...

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Sara said...

I think Finn is right. The weasel definitely kills the monkey. Gruesome. And 7 brides for 7 bros - I know!! when you watch it as an adult you realize how scandalous it is!