Monday, July 4, 2011

road trip 2011 - grand canyon

we left in the wee early hours of saturday morning.  loaded all the kids into the rv, pete and al hopped in the front and started us towards our first destination, the grand canyon.  we decided to go to the less-touristy, slightly-harder-to-reach north rim.  it was amazing (obviously... it is the grand canyon).  the kids loved it (mostly... ok, i don't think we can use the word "love" in terms of lucy's feelings toward that great canyon).  jack wanted to climb on everything and give me many a mini heart attack.  as long as he was with al, he was happy.  i think jack would love throwing rocks in the canal, if he was doing it with his uncle al.  not to take anything away from the grand canyon, of course.  lucy was terrified.  she spent most of the time clinging to rocks and holding tight to hands.  she did "love" the phone booth she discovered, though, so there was that.  and finn really loved it.  he was determined to walk the trail to the very end, and thus ended up being the only kid to make it all the way to the end of bright angel point.  he was very proud.

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