Wednesday, July 6, 2011

road trip 2011 - goblin valley

goblin valley was one of the excellent suggestions we were given and so decided to drive through this little state park on our way to colorado.  it was insanely windy (like knock you down, blow dust in your eyes windy), but it was still incredible.  finn and lucy didn't last long in the dust, but jack wanted to stay there climbing and exploring and with pete's sunglasses on, the wind hardly bothered him.  he and al dreamed up schemes of playing hide-n-go seek with walkie-talkies through the mushroom shaped rocks. i must say, it is another impressive site.  there is something so interesting about driving along looking out over normal hills and valleys and desert and all of a sudden there is just one huge area covered in these strange rock formations.  the world is an amazing place.


Ellsworth McIltrot said...

It's like an awesome garden of rock formations! Is this state park wide and big? You just gotta love those seemingly coincidental display of rocks and boulders. Yes, driving along with a view of valleys and fields add fun to a road trip. But driving in a view like this has its own charm. It makes you want to roll your car's windows down.

barb said...

I'm so glad it worked out with your trip and that you enjoyed it despite the sandy windstorm! It was a huge highlight of my trip to the Utah, Arizona, Colorado area when I was little.

jack, lucy and finn said...

thanks again for the suggestion, barb! it really was amazing to see!