Friday, July 8, 2011

road trip 2011 - dallas

our last major stop for the trip was dallas.  dallas is one of my very favorite places because it is home to some of my very favorite people.  we still have tons of friends in dallas from college, but two of my very closest friends and their families live there and it makes me sad we don't get to see them more often...  but we'll take it when we can get it.  we went on walks, played with our friends, rode bikes, swam, ate meals together, stayed up late drinking and chatting into the wee hours...  it is really great to have good friends.  (oh, and if you are wondering what happened to finn's eye, he fell and split it open in our hotel in chicago, the one night i didn't have pete with me - he probably should have had stitches, but there was no way i was taking all three kids in a cab to whatever downtown hospital we were closest to at 10 at night.  so, now he has quite a scar.  scars on boys are cool, though, right?  in case you can't tell, i'm still not over it...)  also, while in dallas, jack had another top 3 moment when he got to spend the night at jon and katie's house all by himself.  in jack's world, you really don't get any cooler than jon bird.  take that and throw in a sleep over and star wars wii, and you have the makings for the best night ever.  jack has also been super close to katie ever since he was a baby, so our usually hesitant child didn't even bat an eye at being away from his parents for the night.  and once again, lucy and eva acted as though they had never been apart.  i hope those little friends will be able to maintain their friendship despite their distance...  we miss you already, simeks and birds.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

road trip 2011 - chicago {part two}

city.  park.  picnic.  fountain.  art institute. 
i think we covered a lot of ground in one day.
especially for two moms with nine kids.

that night we took all the kids out for pizza.  one of my very favorite moments from the whole trip was when the waiter came to take our plates away and sam asked for his in a to-go box.  sara and i weren't sitting close enough to sam to see what was left in his bowl, but the guy took it away and when he came back, he gave same a little plastic container that would maybe hold a side of parmesan cheese or something with his three noodles in it.  sam was very pleased and most certainly ate those three noodles later.

our last day in chicago was beautiful.  we took all the kids to mass, walked around the city some more, saw the water tower and walked down michigan avenue to the river.  we finally met back up with pete (who was the winner of the purple this year) and said good-bye to our cousins.  (and there may have been some tears on jack's part, not getting to say goodbye to uncle al who was leaving for alaska straight from chicago...).  that night we stayed with the petersons and had so much fun hanging out with their crew.  so much fun, we didn't even think to take out the camera.  but, i promise you, we were there.  it might have been jack burch's favorite night of the trip... definitely top 3 anyway.