Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sports camp

this year jack decided if there was no al at sports camp there would be no jack either (pete's brother al decided to take a job at a salmon factory in alaska rather than be a camp counselor this year...  much to jack's complete and utter disappointment).  however, not even her own brother's absence could keep lucy away.  she woke up bright and early monday morning ready to go to sports camp with her buddy isaac from across the street.  she managed to get mary elizabeth as her counselor, just as she had hoped and has been spending her free-time beating the other counselors at serious staring contests.  mighty fine, indeed.  she comes home exhausted, smelling like sunscreen and chlorine with her eyes glazed over and her hair matted and frizzed at the same time, but happy.  good way to spend a hot summer day in lucy's world.  (pete and jack would greatly disagree, however...)

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Mary Weisse said...

are you e.e. cummings now? what is with the no caps? (did you notice how i am doing it too as i make fun of you for it?)