Thursday, June 30, 2011

shaved ice

the other day jack and lucy were both off somewhere having fun and exciting summertime adventures and finn was stuck with me and the errand of going to the grocery store.  i told him while we were out, i would stop and get him a shaved ice in an attempt to make our outing seem "special."
it worked.  easiest $1.50 ever.
thank you, water connection.


Sush said...

I miss those stolen moments with my children when they were so young. Now they are all grown and young parents like yourself. Treasure this have a knack for making their life special!


brooke said...

He looks just like a little baby Ty. How cute.

Mary Weisse said...

How funny that Brooke noticed his similarity to Ty, too! Does she also know of his extreme love for Uncle Ty? I told her about our blogs by the way. Did you know about hers? ... On another note, two of your blogs have now made it to the very bottom of my blog list that you tell me is too long. So what is the deal? When is the next post dump coming?