Friday, May 27, 2011

last day!

i don't even have words for how excited i am that school is over.
the kids' school had an awards ceremony this morning that really was quite sweet, as usual.
they make sure each kindergartener wins some sort of award, so it can sometimes seem like a few are, perhaps, made up.  lucy got the award for "industriousness."  she looked a little confused, but very pleased to walk up and accept her award.  she still hasn't asked what industrious means, though...

jack and lili each won the academic achievement award for their individual classes.
they were so excited to have both won it.
(and can i just note, once again, that jack still considers lili to be his best friend...)
so, i guess allie and i should get the award for successfully raising such cute little nerds.

and such goofy little nerds at that...

now, let summer begin!

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Sush said...

I'm so glad you love when school is out! It was my favorite time of the year with my kids. Coming up with our own 'Field Trips' and lazy crazy days of Summer!
Have fun and oh, ya know once again, I just love your blog!