Monday, May 9, 2011

a happy weekend.

this past weekend was just about perfect.  saturday we went down to the field for back to back ball games for jack and lucy, which (i must admit) is actually a lovely way to spend a saturday morning.  that evening we attended a fabulous cinco de mayo party at pete's parents house where everyone ate, drank and danced the night away.  and i woke up the next morning to coffee and pancakes in bed for mother's day...  see, perfect.

the kids and i usually make one of these little books for pete for father's day where i ask the kids questions about pete and write down their answers.  this year, my sweet husband made one for me to enjoy...

(for the record, i've never actually had a bloody mary...)

and, then, there has to be the answers that make you feel like a terrible mom...

forget all the i love you's i say throughout the day.
oh, well.  at least they think i'm really good at doing laundry...

happy mother's day to everyone!

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