Friday, May 6, 2011

the food truck trend

i have to say, this is one trend that i am on board with.  i love all the new food trucks popping up in phoenix.  my personal favorite is the aiko hot dog from short leash, but my kids are big paradise melts' fans.  good, good stuff.  if you haven't ventured out to find one of these snazzy little trucks (i think you can follow them on twitter and they let you know where they will be each night), then you should definitely hit up wednesday nights at the phoenix public market.  there is always a little something for everyone.  perfect for the indecisive crowd.

ahh, lucy and her collections.
these were all the smashed bottle tops she found in the parking lot amidst broken glass and cigarette butts.
yes, i made her wash her hands.
yes, she still has this collection.

and while there, who could pass up a visit to royal coffee?
i never seem to be able to...

1 comment:

mamamchale said...

who is that chubby little face amidst the pics? ps. the corn dogs are pretty bomb. attested to last night.