Tuesday, May 31, 2011


so, we are about to embark on a two week roadtrip from phoenix all the way to chicago and back.  this is where you (by you, i mean absolutely anyone reading this) come in.  i am desperate for some advice on roadtrippin' with kids.  give me some suggestions for the best car games, the best healthy car snacks, the best roadtrip music, the best places to stop in arizona, utah, colorado, wyoming, south dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, illinois, missouri, arkansas (or are we driving thru oklahoma?), texas and new mexico.  do you know websites with good ideas for random stops along the way?  the best piece of pie you ever had in a diner off the highway?  area specific coloring pages for kids?  where is the world's biggest ball of twine?  anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated!  

come on, you stopped by to see what we had to say, so please do share a little love...

Friday, May 27, 2011

last day!

i don't even have words for how excited i am that school is over.
the kids' school had an awards ceremony this morning that really was quite sweet, as usual.
they make sure each kindergartener wins some sort of award, so it can sometimes seem like a few are, perhaps, made up.  lucy got the award for "industriousness."  she looked a little confused, but very pleased to walk up and accept her award.  she still hasn't asked what industrious means, though...

jack and lili each won the academic achievement award for their individual classes.
they were so excited to have both won it.
(and can i just note, once again, that jack still considers lili to be his best friend...)
so, i guess allie and i should get the award for successfully raising such cute little nerds.

and such goofy little nerds at that...

now, let summer begin!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a jedi in my house

did you know i have a jedi living in my house?
he is awfully cute, but awfully serious, too...

so, in case you were wondering, late night jedi robe making does pay off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


these kids sure all know how to strike a pose...

thanks for always keeping us laughing!

Monday, May 23, 2011

jack's first communion

oh, sweet jack, where to begin.  we were so proud of you on your special day.  you looked so handsome in your all-white suit.  you were so excited to receive your sacraments.  it amazes me how much it all meant to you.  you truly have a faith that i am envious of.   lucy and finn are so lucky to have you to look up to, as i know they both already do.  and you were so excited and so proud to have your godfather be your sponsor.  you sure do love your uncle al like crazy.  and, i love you like crazy, kiddo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mr. four

i really cannot believe my little mr. finn turned four years old this weekend.  i'm in a bit of denial, i think.  to fight off the tears i am blinking back, let's go to finn's new favorite face to flash me whenever the camera comes out...

(was that a little cheek rub?  yes, i think it was...)

we love you so, so much mr. finn!
happy birthday!