Wednesday, April 6, 2011


jack told me the other day, "i just love writing.  i just want to write all the time."
after a brief pause, he added, "is there a job you can do where you just write?"
and he doesn't mean he wants to be a writer where he sits at a computer 
and creates stories or reports on the news, 
he wants pen in hand, writing on paper.  
penmanship as they call it at school
he wants to be a professional hand-writer.

(there has been lots of talk lately about possible grown-up professions and i am a little worried at jack's interest in a job where he doesn't have to go to "work"...  what 8 year old thinks like that?  he asked the other day if you could just be in a band and that could be your job.  i told him some people who were really, really good musicians could do that, but it was tough to make that just your job.  he reminded me of a family we know whose dad is in a band and thus, it was decided for him.  he would be in a band - as his job - when he grows up.  i love the mentality of kids that you just get to pick what you will be right out of thin air and there it is.  you will be that.  anyway, i digress...).

after we talked about writing for a while, jack asked what he should do right then.
i suggested he write a book report on the harry houdini book he had just finished.
just for fun, this was not anything he would be taking to school.
he became sincerely excited about the idea and got straight to work.
when that was done, he took to writing letters.
(some of you lucky few can be expecting some handwritten mail).

for all my over-concern about jack's particular, first-born ways, i wouldn't change him for anything in the world.  he is such a good kid.  sweet and helpful.  sensitive and kind.  even if he can be a little impatient and perfectionistic...  i have no idea where he gets that from...
i love you so much, jack burch.


Mary Weisse said...

I love him so much too. I need to spend some more time with him sometime soon. I still need to be the best Godmother ever.

Lucia said...

And he is THE cutest boy in the universe! Add that to the list, too. Gosh, what a handsome fellow.