Thursday, April 14, 2011

"will you build wif me?"

i was sick for a good portion of this week.  sweet mr. finn was such a good little sport, laying in bed next to me looking at books, doing puzzles on the floor in my room and finding ways to play by himself around and near me without too much complaining.  so, this morning when i felt like i could be upright for more than 5 minutes without passing out, i told him we could play whatever he wanted.  his request was to "build a school" and play with little people (never mind we have an actual little people schoolhouse...).  so we built it and set it all up and he started filling it with people.  then he carefully explained to me who and what everything was...
  one classroom was jack's and the other lucy's.  in lucy's classroom mrs. hundelt was reading to some kids while others were busy with "their favorite works."  outside on the playground, was "mom watching finn and kateri and a horse drinking out of the pool."  after explaining this much, he drove a car with a man and woman inside over to the playground so mr. luke could drop off miss allie.  

then mr. luke drove away to "meet dad for like some beers or something."  

"where's dad?" i asked.
"he is..."  (long pause as he tries to decide who should be dad).
"...this guy.  wearing dad's new glasses," he finally decides choosing a man with white hair.
"but he's stuck behind these cars on his way to go see mr. luke and have beers," he adds.

oh, finn burch.
i missed playing with you for those two days.
you are one sweet guy.


the Speiers said...

I love this! So happy that we are included in Finn's scenario, although when I first read the post, I thought he meant Kateri and a horse were drinking out of the pool, which actually wouldn't surprise me. Pete, your new glasses sound awesome...

Mary Weisse said...

I love this, but you knew I would. I think you actually did it mostly for me.... at least the pictures. And I would just like to say that it should have been stated that Pete is in fact Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street.

The Bird Family said...

What an imagination...I love how many real-life aspects his pretend scenario has!

p.s. sorry you were sick :(