Monday, April 18, 2011

visiting phoenix.

on saturday, my very sweet husband agreed to my crazy plan of heading downtown to the science center and maybe, just maybe, hitting up pizzeria bianco as it is now open for lunch (11am-10pm, that's some good stuff, folks).  this might not sound like anything special, but if you know pete, then you know he doesn't want to go anywhere that might have a crowd.  we tend to hit up museums during the week and stay away from restaurants that average a 3 hour wait, but every now and then i like to pretend i am a tourist in my own city.  and every now and then pete goes along with it.  it always makes me excessively happy.  i guess i am fairly easy to please...  needless to say, the kids were all thrilled.  
so, it was just one of those perfect kind of days.
i'm still smiling about it.

we saw the ultimate wave tahiti at the imax.
if you have never been to a 3D movie with your kids, you really should.
it allows for endless giggles.
the glasses, the reaching out to touch fish, the screaming when a shark jumps in your direction...
good stuff.

and the digital room always offers some good reasons to giggle, as well...

and then we got to eat at pizzeria bianco which is always a treat.
and, we hardly had to wait.
but, really, could you ask for a lovelier place if you had to wait?

if anyone feels like pizza, let me know.  i'm ready to go back.
and, if you don't live here, come visit and i will take you there.
you'll love it.


Bevburch said...

sign me up. think you need the awaning in your back yard. sorry always designing. Let's do pizza with Froline (sp)

Mary Weisse said...

Glad to know about the earlier hours! I am in any time!

Sara said...

Ne.Ver. Been.
Can we go if we come to Phoenix soon?

The Bird Family said...

me too?! it's been far too long, and we could really use a vacation.