Monday, April 11, 2011

rainy days.

saturday was one of those perfect rainy days.
(i can't quite explain it, but the smell of rain in phoenix is one of my very favorite smells).
baseball games were cancelled and everyone laid around reading and relaxing.
jack and i ended up going for a bike ride in the rain
and then he talked me into heading over to lgo and buying him pancakes.
it probably had something to do with him saying, 
"i love just mom and jack time.  can we do this more?"
lucky for me, he only requested pancakes, as i am sure he could have had whatever he wanted after that little tug at my heart strings...
lucy and finn played in and out of the rain with neighbor friends
and pete was as happy as if it were the day before the purple with the yankees and masters both on tv.  
then it was back to chores, dishes, laundry, kids complaining, not listening, bickering...
fairly standard, but all in all, it was a lovely weekend.

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