Sunday, April 10, 2011


"pete post"

some overheard quotes:

finn: "jack takes like 200 minutes to go poo."

jack: "mom, do i have to go to school on thursday and friday or can i just stay home and watch the masters?"

emily:  "pete, you are the best husband ever.  you are so sweet, and i think you are the best looking guy in history."

lucy:  "what means wimpy?"
finn (annoyed):  "it means not very strong."
finn (looking at me and now not so sure): "dad, what does wimpy mean?"

luke speier: "pete, i wish i could hit home runs like you in softball."

declan (while looking at an orange tree on a walk):  "baa!!! baa!! baa!!!  there are 400 orange balls on that damn tree.....get me one of!!!"

jack: "can we play risk?"
emily: "not right now."
jack (4 seconds later):  "can we play risk?"

maisie klocek:  "pete, why is my husband so jealous of you?  doesn't he realize that he should just be honored to know you?  he will never be half as good as you at golf or gt, so i wish he would just accept it and move on."

jack: "ms. stagg told me....."

finn (before going to bed):  "what is grace?  but i mean, what does grace look like?"

the little girl behind emily, lucy, christine, and ruby at 'princesses on ice':  "snow white.....listen to me....DO NOT eat that damn tastes like $h^%......don't do it.....what the hell?  can you not hear me?  i said don't eat it!!!  what a moron snow white is.  she is stupider than dopey.  this should be called 'idiots on ice'.....who in their right mind would eat an apple from a freakishly scary old woman in a black robe with a wart on her nose?  toss that old bag a quarter and tell her to go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off her face, but don't take a bite of the apple.....seriously snow, have you never heard of adam and eve?  apples are never ok to eat from a stranger.  i would sooner eat an open snickers on halloween that has clearly been tampered with before i would eat an apple from a stranger.  how about we get the hell out of here.....but first, can we stop by the toy store and grab one of those pink automatic tooth brushes with three lighted plastic tubes that slowly twirl when you push the button?  and on the way home we can stop by goodwill and drop off the twirly thing because i will be done playing with it by then."

lucy (immediately upon waking up.....and doing her best rebecca black / stephen colbert impersonation):  "friday, friday, friday"

jack (following lucy's singing):  "partying, partying.....yeah!!"

happy masters sunday.  go yanks.


The Weisse Guys said...

Glad Friday is catching on in your house. I guess if Aunt Erin can't stop singing it, then Lucy will surely not stop singing it. However, my favorite part of this post was the "Uncle Buck" quote from the girl at Princesses on Ice.

Alissa said...

This is hilarious.

Brian said...

Emily, if this post does not encourage you to restart your blogging again, I don't know what will. Pete ego puff post + no pictures = BurchJerks FAIL

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