Tuesday, April 5, 2011

oh, dishes.

for lent i gave up leaving dishes in the sink.
this morning jack looked from me to the sink with serious concern and said, "uh, i think someone is going to be disappointed."
i didn't ask if he meant pete or God, but either way, i figured i should get my act together.
the sink is currently dish-free.  for now...
lent is hard.
aren't there always better things to do than dishes?


Mary Weisse said...

If I give up doing dishes for Lent next year would that mean Zach has to start doing them.

Sara said...

hmmm... I think Pete is not pulling his weight here. I will have Brian give him a call and fill him in on the #1 husbandly duty of doing dishes. Also, high time for Jack and Lucy to get scrubbin' as well.

jack, lucy and finn said...

Jack and Lucy do a good job.....actually, mostly Jack....Lucy just empties....Finn just dodges any work... And apparently I will have to have Emily call you about the #2 wifely duty of not leaving dishes in the sink.

The Bird Family said...

I love that this is your next post. Seriously.