Tuesday, April 19, 2011

loose toothes

last week lucy went to bed with, as finn calls them, 2 loose toothes.
she really wanted pete to pull the looser of the two, 
but he deemed it not quite ready and so she went to bed.
as tired as she was, i kept hearing her moving around, getting up for a drink, calling me in to listen to the new sound her tooth made when she wiggled it from side to side...
she was a bit distracted.
at least an hour after we put her to bed, she pops around the corner into the family room with a bloody mouth, a tooth in her hand and a big "ta-da!"
i asked her if it fell out or if she pulled it, to which she demonstrated a big yank along with a pirate-y "aarrgh!" to show us that she had, in fact, pulled it right out.
i guess she had made up her mind that she was going to school the next day to show off her missing tooth and nothing would stand in the way of that happening.
she is definitely a girl who always knows what she wants.
and so the days of missing teeth are upon us again...


Liga said...

Is it the first teeth? If yes, then Lucy is sooo brave! My girl did it just with the 3rd or 4th teeth...

Lucia said...

that's how eva lost her first tooth too, only she was curled up in a ball, completely shy and afraid of her Uncle Jude who was just home from war. She was so nervous she was biting her hands and inadvertently ripped her tooth out of her mouth and handed it to me, as if to say "see what all this socializing and being around other humans has done to me." anyway, bravely done, young lucy! you're cuter than ever! kisses from us all.