Tuesday, April 12, 2011

baking with friends.

saturday lucy and her little friend katie helped me bake cookies.
these two are kind of obsessed with each other as of late.
not sure what finally clicked, considering they have lived across the street from us for as long as we have lived here and the girls never paid too much attention to one another before.
katie is a year younger than lucy, so perhaps that has something to do with it...
i don't know.
i do know, that for the last two months every spare moment lucy finds is spent asking to play with katie, playing with katie or watching out the window for katie to come home.
as katie's dad commented, its almost like they thought they were looking across the street into a mirror and only just realized there was actually another little girl with long blonde hair and two brothers who would love to play dolls and giggle ridiculous amounts all day long, standing right there on the other side of the road.


mamamchale said...

you girls are too cute! there is nothing better than a good friend across the street!

Mary Weisse said...

Next we need to see pics of their matching swim suits.