Friday, April 15, 2011

always curious.

as i mentioned, i was sick for a few days this week and finn was surely the one who had to deal the most with me (being the only one not at school and all).  our little lip kisser and snuggler was also a little sad at the fact that he had to keep a good distance from me.  
tonight, when i finally agreed to snuggle with him again before bed, he asked me as we were laying there,  "how do people get sick?"
"well, from germs," i tried to answer sleepily.
"but how do you get germs?"
"from someone else who is sick, i guess."  please let that be it.
"but how did that person get sick."
"from an even different person who was sick..."  hoping it would end, but seeing where it was going.
"no, no, no.  but how does the first person get sick?"
"can we talk about it tomorrow?"
"ok," he agrees and is snoozing within a few seconds.

*(our flexible yoga guy striking a pose and talking to himself).

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