Friday, April 29, 2011

i want to hold your hand

i just love these two little friends who are constantly holding hands.
even while swinging.
so sweet.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

bathtub safari

finn has been a rather huge fan of morning baths lately.  still a little groggy, he likes to sit in the warm water and play and relax.  he has been insisting lately that i sit on the floor and read a book or something just to be in the room.  fine by me.  i love having those little moments where kids lose themselves in play and you can sit by and listen.  i love hearing them talk to themselves and hear what make-believe they create.  i need more constant reminders to sit and enjoy these moments rather than using the time that my kids are preoccupied to get things done.  so, thank you mr. finn for making me stay close.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lightrail, lux and burton barr

top of my kids list for spring break activities was to ride the lightrail.  they didn't really care where, they just wanted to ride it.  so, we headed down to central and camelback and rode the light rail to lux for a little afternoon treat and then on to the burton barr central library to stock up on some new books and movies for spring break.
"that's just her face."

my kids love the downtown library.  not sure if its the fountain inside, the glass elevators or the fifth floor bathrooms, but this is the library they always want to go to (even over the scottsdale library with its fancy castle).  and it certainly is always an adventure in people watching and a lessen in homelessness.  two highlights including a man trying to sell me a digital camera, while my kids stared wide-eyed and then asked, "didn't he know you already have a camera?"  and another man, as we sat waiting for the light rail, asked me if i  smoked and did i have a cigarette he could bum.  this actually horrified my children and jack couldn't stop asking, "why would he think you smoke?"  good times.

i love spring break.
possibly more than most kids.
its like a little teaser for summer and all the goodness ahead.  
bring on june!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


happy easter!
our morning was the usual around here.
find easter baskets.
eat insane amounts of delicious food at our neighborhood breakfast at 7 a.m.
hunt for eggs with all the neighbor kids.
then off to mass to rejoice!
another good year.

(almost) all the neighborhood girls...

lucy and her beloved katie...

and after mass we went to g.g. and grandad's for more delicious food, egg hunting and goofing around with cousins.  we sure are spoiled blessed.  (oh, and i might have gained 10 pounds in that one day...)

and there may have been an incident with a snake that really freaked me out...