Monday, January 31, 2011


finn is a big question asker.  
i know all kids go through a "why" phase, but finn wants to know, when, where and how, also.  
and he is sincerely inquiring.  he really wants to know.
 and he is always satisfied when he is given adequate answers to his questions.  
he is just generally interested in the workings of the world.
i love this about finn.
we have some genuinely good conversations as a result.

now, as a side note, i lay down with finn almost every night before he goes to sleep.  
i usually start to dose off myself while laying there and almost like clockwork, every night before he falls asleep, in a mostly delirious state, he asks me the most random question.
just one question.  every night.
i don't know if his little brain has been following a logical train of thought, but where these questions come from make no sense whatsoever to me.
a few from recently:
"what is ear wax?"
"how do you win risk?"
"why don't you let us watch movies all the time?"
as long as i give him some sort of reasonable answer, his response is always the same.
"oh, i was just wonderin' 'bout that."
and then he goes to sleep.

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