Wednesday, February 2, 2011

baby's first ski lesson

finn is in this stage right now where everything lucy says is the inarguable truth.  and i mean anything she feels like saying.  lucy will say a white wall is pink, which will, of course, infuriate jack, who takes it upon himself to correct her.  now, not only does she not want to be corrected (clearly she knows the wall is white, we aren't that terrible of parents...), she immediately has a cohort chiming in, "that wall is pink!"  frustrating jack even more, obviously.
anyway, along with the fact that lucy only speaks the undeniable truth, she apparently also has the ability to handpick only the most exciting games.  she could tell finn they were going to play a game in which they stared at the wall for an hour and he would be all about it.  luckily for finn, lucy has a bit more imagination than that...  so, all lucy has to do is dream it up and finn will do whatever she tells him.   this weekend i caught them in a serious game of a mom teaching her baby to ski for the first time.  i think this game lasted a couple of hours.  its good to have siblings.
and the "baby" was not wearing a shirt while skiing because he may have turned a hose faucet on outside of mass, completely drenching himself.  not part of lucy's made-up story, that really is our life...

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