Tuesday, February 8, 2011

can we go to a coffee shop?

this is finn's big request of late.
it might have something to do with the fact that we bring his coloring book.
oh, and he has my undivided attention.
it made me a little sad when i realized this.
at home, i color for a minute, then do dishes.
color a bit more, then have to answer the phone.
sit by him while he colors and i fold laundry.
you get the picture.
when we go somewhere, its just me, finn, coffee and our coloring book.
i color, undistracted and we talk about whatever randomness comes to his little mind.
i love it.
but what i need to do is be more focused when we are home.
for one hour, turn off the phone and the computer.  close my eyes to the laundry and dishes and just enjoy being with my sweet mr. finn.
but it sure is a lot of fun to take him out every now and then, too...

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Lucia said...

so...can we just go ahead and pre-arrange felicity and finn's marriage, cuz i think that when we are all old and dying they could come over and make us all laugh again. and they'd have really cute kids.