Wednesday, February 16, 2011


sick days can be really nice.

except when you're cleaning poo off the floor.
don't ask.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what i made...

so, for valentine's day, we had sick kids, pete was working late and dinner was super lame.  
i did manage however, to make this delicious little dessert to celebrate the evening.  
nothing beats molten chocolate cake and champagne at 9:00 at night.  
i know, i know.  we really know how to celebrate...

i posted the recipe over at pots and peter pans, if you are interested.

Monday, February 14, 2011

kissing booth

we turned our old lemonade stand into a temporary kissing booth in honor of valentine's day (it needed a new paint job anyway and, i must say, i love the way the stripes turned out).  
so, lucy set up shop out front yesterday and sold "kisses" (of the hershey persuasion) to passing neighbors.  

she was quite vigilant waiting for any passing car until dark, when i had to force her to come in.
if she had to temporarily leave her post (for something important like a bike ride around the cul-de-sac) she was sure to leave a replacement standing watch for potential customers...

if you have ever talked to lucy, you can imagine how she is finishing up the story she was telling me here with her own personal catchphrase, "ya' know?"

in addition to the clear chocolate smudges around her mouth, there was also plenty of evidence to how much she was snacking on her own goods...  yes, lucy has a serious littering problem.  she thinks the world (or the floor of our house) is her trash can.  we have some things to work on...

she had quite a few drive-thru customers (or just the same one over and over again... and i am pretty sure he was just shop lifting kisses as he went by)...

Friday, February 11, 2011

almost that time again

baseball season is just around the corner for us and jack cannot stop asking, what team he is going to be on, when is there first practice, first game, will he know any of the kids on his team...  we have received zero information so far, so these questions are getting a little old.
anyway, he has been having a lot of fun practicing and getting ready for the season even without all this seemingly crucial information.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011


any good lemon recipes to share?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

neighborhood friends

disclaimer: i realize these pictures are really blue, as my white balance was on a funky setting and i hadn't noticed at the time.  i could take them into aperture or photoshop and fix this, but i am fine with it.
that's that.
anyway, the little boy who lives across the street is exactly in between lucy and finn and the three of them have been having so much fun all together lately.  basically, lucy makes up a game and the boys nod in agreement.  i really do love having kids in our neighborhood.

oh, yeah, and then i fixed the white balance...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

can we go to a coffee shop?

this is finn's big request of late.
it might have something to do with the fact that we bring his coloring book.
oh, and he has my undivided attention.
it made me a little sad when i realized this.
at home, i color for a minute, then do dishes.
color a bit more, then have to answer the phone.
sit by him while he colors and i fold laundry.
you get the picture.
when we go somewhere, its just me, finn, coffee and our coloring book.
i color, undistracted and we talk about whatever randomness comes to his little mind.
i love it.
but what i need to do is be more focused when we are home.
for one hour, turn off the phone and the computer.  close my eyes to the laundry and dishes and just enjoy being with my sweet mr. finn.
but it sure is a lot of fun to take him out every now and then, too...

Monday, February 7, 2011

two wheelin'

we finally got our act together and taught lucy how to ride her bike.
ok, pete taught her.
when i showed up at the park barely 10 minutes behind them, she was circling the playground, riding as if she had been doing it for years, giggling and shouting, "buga-buga!  honk, honk!"  (don't ask, because i have no idea...  the point is, she was very excited).
i don't know why we always seem to be so late in the game with this two wheel bike thing.
maybe its just that our neighborhood is that much more pro-bike than the norm
(do you have two year olds that know how to ride a two wheel bike on your block?),
 but i always feel like we're way behind the curve...
oh, well.  our kids never seem to mind.
lucy is officially obsessed with riding her bike now, though.
she comes straight home from school and gets on her bike.
i basically had to force her to come inside and eat lunch today.
this weekend she asked pete, "while you're watching the super bowl can i just ride my bike around the cul-de-sac?"  
and so she did.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

rainbow donuts

say hello to the best donuts in phoenix.  my mom was a huge donut fan and these were her favorite, so that says a lot.  their "filled" donuts are actually just their glazed, cut in half and spread with the filling (think a bagel with cream cheese).  lucy, of course, chose a whipped cream filled glazed donut.  it was ridiculous.  

jack has since received a haircut, lucy burned her chin on the edge of a cookie tray (she was trying really hard to stand on her tiptoes to see what was on the tray) and finn is not wearing a shirt under his jacket as, mentioned before, he sprayed himself down outside of mass.  so, yes, we look good when we go out.  at least we weren't having brunch at the ritz...

i'm not sure why, but i really want to go at 4 am one morning when the donuts are fresh out of the oven...  maybe i could convince pete next time we drive to california to leave super early and start our trip here...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

baby's first ski lesson

finn is in this stage right now where everything lucy says is the inarguable truth.  and i mean anything she feels like saying.  lucy will say a white wall is pink, which will, of course, infuriate jack, who takes it upon himself to correct her.  now, not only does she not want to be corrected (clearly she knows the wall is white, we aren't that terrible of parents...), she immediately has a cohort chiming in, "that wall is pink!"  frustrating jack even more, obviously.
anyway, along with the fact that lucy only speaks the undeniable truth, she apparently also has the ability to handpick only the most exciting games.  she could tell finn they were going to play a game in which they stared at the wall for an hour and he would be all about it.  luckily for finn, lucy has a bit more imagination than that...  so, all lucy has to do is dream it up and finn will do whatever she tells him.   this weekend i caught them in a serious game of a mom teaching her baby to ski for the first time.  i think this game lasted a couple of hours.  its good to have siblings.
and the "baby" was not wearing a shirt while skiing because he may have turned a hose faucet on outside of mass, completely drenching himself.  not part of lucy's made-up story, that really is our life...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

coffee and macaroons

if you've never been to essence bakery, you should.  fresh baked chocolate croissants with coffee served in a glass (don't know why that part made me so happy, but it did) is a good way to start off your day.  and to top it off, take home a couple macaroons for later to keep that happiness going all day long.

*the chocolate croissants didn't last long enough to get the camera out...

while in the bathroom, ruby was quite intrigued with why finn was standing to use the toilet.  she leaned in for a closer look and asked, "why does finn's bottom look like that?"  "uh, because boys and girls are different," i answered.  "oh.  my daddy has one of those, too.  so does decky."  finn quickly chimed in, "my dad has one, too."
glad we've covered that now.
sorry, christine.  hope you don't think twice next time you let ruby come to the restroom with us...

*finn is wearing my sweater in this picture.  not because he was cold and i loaned it to him.  he found it at our house and insisted on wearing it.  i rolled up the sleeves and he wore it for the rest of the day.