Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lucy and erin

i was just sorting through my pictures and found this one of lucy and erin.  lucy more or less lives and dies for erin.  she absolutely adores her.  when erin is around, lucy doesn't want anyone else.  while erin was here for christmas she, ever so sweetly, took lucy out for the afternoon to do something special just the two of them.  they went to the sugar bowl and then walked around old town scottsdale.  they, of course, had to hit up the mexican import store, where erin bought lucy this fantastic paper flower.  my kids are so lucky to be loved by so many different people.


ErinT said...

Thanks for the blog post. I'll be smiling about it for days:)

Mary Weisse said...

Now I should feel a tinge of jealousy, but I really can't blame Lucy for loving Erin the best.