Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas tree

this is always one of my favorite nights.  we get coffee and go to the christmas tree nursery where they have hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn and candy canes for the taking.  there is a huge bonfire and a random cage of peacocks.  we spend an excessive amount of time wandering around and sitting by the fire, enjoying the christmas-y atmosphere.  then we head home, usually have some sort of soup for dinner and decorate the tree while listening to christmas music.  i love every second of it.  and i love once we have a tree in our house.  i could just sit by it all day with a cup of coffee and a good book and get absolutely nothing done.

finn seriously wants a job at the christmas tree nursery.  this super nice guy working there let finn help him.  when they were done, they bumped fists.  i don't know if finn ever smiled as big as he did then.

side note #1: lucy likes to dress monochromatically and come running out to announce "i'm {insert color here} girl!"  pink girl and blue girl are big favorites.  g.g. gave lucy these dress-up boots the other night, so when she came out in her pajamas to decorate the tree and announced, "i'm white girl!" pete and i both almost fell on the floor laughing...

side note #2: last year i left our kids' stockings out when i packed up all the christmas decorations, so i could embroider the kids' names on them.  i have had them sitting in our office for an entire year and here they hang, still without names...  i wonder if i will even bother to leave them out this next year...

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