Wednesday, November 10, 2010


well, lucy is playing soccer this year and as with most things that involve lucy, it makes me laugh every time i think about it.  she's loved it so much.  she's loved being on a team, having her very own uniform, practicing with her friends after school, and every saturday morning she is up bright and early and excited for her game.  she runs up and down the field following the crowd with all the enthusiasm in the world.  she just doesn't have any of the needed aggression to actually get close to the ball.  she seems just fine with that.  last week i asked her after her game if she kicked the ball at all.  she answered, "i think i might have touched it twice."

(i love the above picture because even though i can't see lucy's face, i can tell she's laughing.  something funny audrey did is my guess...)

(i think the two kids in the back are hugging during the game...)

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Mary Weisse said...

Granted we were a little bit older, but I don't think you or I ever had that much enthusiasm for our soccer games. I guess that is why we only did it one year. I hope she keeps loving it. I mostly remember not wanting to miss Saved By the Bell on Saturday mornings.