Monday, November 29, 2010


there is a giveaway on design mom today that is so totally insane, you have to go enter it right now.  
then, when you win, you have to give me one of the THREE jo totes bags that you get.  

you also get a ridiculous amount of other stuff.  
basically, half your christmas shopping is done for you.
seriously, this giveaway is ridiculous.  


Sara said...

ok, I did it. You're right, it's ridiculous!! If I win, I'll surely give you one of the bags!! but you've got the track record of winning giveaways!

the Speiers said...

I know! I entered this morning and totally thought of you when I saw those bags...Also did you check out the Lewis and Clark expedition dolls? I love them...

Ivana said...

Family Burch, I miss your posts:-)!!!